UPDATE: 10/9/2016 4:00 pm

The water has been restored.

UPDATE: 10/9/2016 3:00 pm

The power has been restored.

UPDATE: 10/9/2016 10:00 am

The water is off as lift station is full with waste water. We are working diligently to resolve these opportunities as quickly as possible. We do not have an anticipated time that water or power will be returned.

UPDATE: 10/8/2016 4:15 pm

We have lost water. Maybe off and on as cleanup continues and crews are working.

UPDATE: 10/8/2016 2:30 pm

We are are still without electric. We do have water. The manager will be calling our northern residents to advise if there is damage to their home.

UPDATE: 10/8/2016 9:00 am

It is now safe to return to the community. We have begun the clean up process. You are more than welcome to help in the clean up process. Currently the community is without power.